sync files not folder

where, synology nas, docker. what, sync from one nas hdd to another how, only files, no folder

hi all. I guess my question is way to stupid but I’m absolutely no it guy. I tried the documentation, that’s out of my league. I’m here with syncthing because I love open source projects (and data privacy), but with setting up the docker and syncing some ebooks to my reader I’m already surprised that everything is working so perfectly.

now a new challenge, I think I need an ignore pattern? but that’s it. maybe someone can help out. I can not write a script or so, if it’s not possible in an easy way I will forget it.

I’m having a folder in which I’m getting constantly new newspapers or magazines. but in subfolders.

is there a way to sync ONLY the files (in this case only pdf) independent of the sub folder structure which could be 2 or 3 folders inside the main to another folder on my nas. I would then sporadically just delete all the remaining empty folder…


Syncthing is designed to keep folders between devices synchronized, i.e. looking exactly the same. Changing the folder structure between two devices does not fit that goal and is currently not possible.

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But you may be able to ignore the files you don’t want, perhaps based on file types. Can you elaborate more what exactly you want ignored?

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thanks both! I only want pdf files in one folder, so one way sync

source: yesterday folder a / folder b / folder c - pdf123

folder a / folder d / pdf 234

folder a / folder e / folder f - pdf 345

new pdf today folder a / pdf 456

so source is always folder a, followed by a mess of sub folder but only pdf inside. not other file types

idea is, to sync / copy / move all pdf into folder x

pdf 123 pdf 234 pdf 345 pdf 456 …

so target is always folder x, no sub folder. best would be only having files in that folder x

hope that’s better explained like this?

Syncthing won’t do this. You can sync only PDF files, but the folder structure will be the same on the destination as on the source.


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