Sync files from a specific date onwards

Hello there,

I have my camera folder on my phone manually backed up. Now I want syncthing to backup my photos and videos but not the entire folder but only from let us say 1st of November 2021.

So no files prior to 1st of November 2021 in that folder should by synced.

Is this possible?

Unfortunately, no.

Android typically saves pictures as something similar to IMG_yyyyMMdd_HHmmss.jpg, so I think it should still be possible to use ignore patterns to achieve the wanted result :slightly_smiling_face:.

Maybe something like this?

// Sync between 2030 and 2099
// Sync between 2022 and 2029
// Sync 202111 and 202112
// Ignore the rest

Just scribbled this down really quick, so it may not work, and also could probably be simplified.


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