Sync files for multiple devices and users

I have 3 devices (JokanderX2 and JokanderX3 and JokanderX4) all of them have windows… The device JokanderX3 have two users (a and b) Every thing was okay before I created the second user (b) If I’m trying to sync the old folder with two users on same device, the new user will not be synced with other devices ! The only solution that i get that the new user (b) should create a new folder (path) to be synced with other devices ! I don’t want to do that because the folder more than 30 GB of files, and what if on the future i will create more than users… So my question now how to sync a folder to multi users on same device without create a new folder … I hope my question clear now …

It sounds like you need to simply place the folder in a path, which all users can access. This means that it shouldn’t be put inside the user folder, and instead you should use a path located somewhere else (e.g. D:\) to store your folders.

It largely depends on how you start Syncthing. Does it run as a background app for each user that logs in? Is it installed as a system service, started before any users log in?

Running multiple instances of Syncthing on the same computer is possible, but has its caveats. What you should never do is point them at the same physical location for a shared folder. Each instance keeps track of the contents in its own database, and they talk to each other about that stored state. If the common real data in the folder changes, there might be a race condition between both instances picking up those updates and trying to sync with each other.

Your best bet might be to start Syncthing as a system service once and giving access permissions to each user that should work with the shared files. See Starting Syncthing Automatically — Syncthing documentation for how to do that (and other possible configurations).

Actually the sync folder located outside the users folder, it is on D: as u said

How to check if it started as program or service ? After a lot of tries I found an idea how to make one folder for syncing for multi users … That deepened each device from the lan dealing with my device as two devices (different device for each user) finally it worked :smiley:

There is an excellent program that runs on Windows computers and is set up as a service. This would make an instance usable by all users who have access and possibly permissions to it, if they are set up:

Other programs, such as SyncTrayzor or the official Windows software as simple EXE, you must start manually or in Autostart do not have this option and each user must start and set up the software independently.

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