"sync everything" server

Is there any way to setup a syncthing node so that it syncs everything from added devices, without having to add shared folders for every new item?

Isn’t this what the introducer option does?

From the description introducer does this for devices, not for folders?

You could fork syncthing and make a special build which does that I guess. It shouldn’t be too hard to rip the verification out, and replace it with additions.

couldnt this be achieved by only adding new folders inside a folder that has already been approved? any subfolders are auto synched without needed additional approval, right?

Yeah but he wants any node to be able to download stuff.

so, adding a node with introducer would also add the folders that were synched?

No, introducer only adds devices. Folders can be added programatically (via api) subject the other device shares them with you.