Sync doesn't start between mobile and computer

Hi, I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.

I have an android device (LG Nexus 5x) and a laptop (Ubuntu 16.4). Both devices see each other, and I have a folder in each Syncthing instance with the same ID. It says that everything is up to date, but the files in the phone folder won’t upload to the computer.

Then, after a while, the devices disconnect from each other.

I actually have 2 folders, the one that comes by default with the Android app and a second one pointing to the same location for testing. When I want to create a folder, a warning message appears momentarily saying that my “Android version doesn’t support syncing to external devices”.

What am I doing wrong? How can I troubleshoot this?

Please include versions of syncthing, as otherwise it’s not much we can talk about.

There was a bug in arm64 version of the application, which was fixed yesterday.


Mobile version: 0.9.4 Desktop: v0.14.19, Linux (64 bit)

Please update to latest version. There was a arm64 specific bug we’ve fixed.

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Many thanks for the quick response. I happened to have the bad luck to install Syncthing when there was a bug :frowning: Many thanks again!

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