sync does not work

Hello, I would have some doubts about the presence of these files inside the folder I am synchronizing:

  1. the file whose name begins with ~syncthing~
  2. the files they have the extension starting with sync-conflict

Can someone explain to me if everything is ok and what are these files for or what do they indicate? A thousand thanks

Please check for explanation regarding conflicted copies and regarding temporary files.

That said, there is a problem in the current version (v1.22.0) with Syncthing creating superfluous conflicting copies. There isn’t anything the user can do to mitigate it though, unfortunately, unless you simply downgrade Syncthing to v1.21.0 (which is a little tricky, as the config version has been increased in v1.22.0, so you’d need to either use or to modify the version number in config.xml manually). You’d also need to disable automatic upgrades first.

Of course, the above assumes that you’re affected by the issue and not simply modify the files on two machines at the same time, where Syncthing creating conflicted copies would be perfectly normal.

could i try to fix it manually by deleting these files and resynchronizing the file?

~syncthing~ you can just leave alone, as it will be deleted automatically (after 24 hours by default). When it comes to conflicted copies, you just need to check which one of them you want to keep, then delete the rest.

a doubt. What if two users work on the same file in the two folders that synchronize with each other?

That’s exactly when you will get conflicted copies :wink:. This is done so that you don’t lose data in the process. You still need to intervene manually later and delete the unneeded conflicts.

In other words, Syncthing isn’t made for real-time collaborative work (i.e. as when compared to something like Google Docs or Microsoft Office online). You can, of course, share files between multiple people, but you should make sure that they aren’t working on the same ones at the same time.

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