Sync directories of same name but different paths (Windows 10)

Hello experts,

I am new to this fantastic utility (SyncTrayzor) and thanks to those involved!

I want to sync a directory of the same name between two Windows 10 systems BUT the path to the directory is different on each system.

On one system the path is C:\Users\Bob\Documents\school and on the other system the path is D:\school.

I seem to be having some confusion as to how to set this up.

I don’t seem to have any issues then the path is the same on each system (i.e. C:\Users\Bob\Documents\DIRECTORY-NAME).

Any tips, tricks or recommendations would be most appreciated.

You can specify the path where the folder is located as you add it.

Thanks for the reply.

I can see how to specify the source to sync. What I cannot see (or figure out) is how to specify that the source on system A C:\Users\Bob\Documents\school should sync with the target on system B D:\school, and visa-versa.

Am I missing something incredibly simple?

You first add the folder on some device (A or B doesn’t matter). There you pick whatever path you like. For simplicity, imagine you choose A.

Then you share that folder with device B. Device B should now give you a popup “device A wants to share folder XY…”. When you click accept on that popup, you get a dialog pretty similar to the one you had when you initially added the folder. In this dialog you can also enter a path - enter the path for device B here.

In case you have auto-accept on (can be set per-device in the device settings), you never get the popups and folders are added automatically in the default location.

Now I have it figured out…

Thanks AudriusButkevicius and Nummer378

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