sync-conflicts driving me crazy

I am a new user and I am getting sync-conflict files when they dont seem appropriate. I just edit the file on the local machine that has the shared folder and then sync-conflict files appear for it there and in the same folder on the server machine. Seems like they should only appear if I changed it on both machines, which would actually be a conflict.

I am using PDF Reader Pro Lite to edit the file. I thought maybe it had something to do with how PRPL was using temp files. So I Moved the file out of the shared folder on the local machine to an unshared folder before editing it, then moved it back to the shared folder. Same problem; sync-conflict file appears.

So then I tried Copying the file out of the shared folder to an unshared folder, making the edits and then copying it back, replacing the original. Same problem.

Later… I just see now that the Mac-OS 64-bit Universal V 1.23 is on Syncthing | Downloads I dont know if this is the version I downloaded. The server version is Embassy One V 1.22.1-1 So I guess I have to resolve that. But is this a problem that others are having?

Which version of Syncthing are you running on all involved devices? What are the operating systems and file systems? Is there anything special about the configuration (e.g. using NTFS on Linux)?

Just now seeing your response. But see above, the version discrepancy that I may have.

Yeah, the versions 1.22.0 and 1.22.1 are affected by a known bug that can cause such conflicts for no apparent reason. Please update to at least 1.22.2 or the newest 1.23.0 and then see whether the situation improves.

Thanks for clarifying that. I passed it along to the start9 server developers.

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