Hi! I have been testing syncthing on several machines in order to “mirror” some directories. All my setups are working in “pairs”, I mean: 1 machine send only -> 1 machine (receive only). Everything is working fine except the last time I configured 2 new machines. They are no different than the others, and the problem I get is Syncthing is unable to delete files on the destination machine (receive only). All permissions are granted to the folder (R&W). Synching can create files, but when it must delete some file, instead it renames to somehing like “”. What could be causing this error?? I can delete the file manually! Why syncthing can’t? Thanks for help.

Check the logs for messages. It’s a conflict if the file has changed before it was asked to be deleted which could be due to NTFS on linux, filename case differences etc.

However a conflict between a deletion and an updated file should not result in a ...-sync-conflict... file, the updated file should just win over the deletion.

This has nothing to do with permissions, sync conflicts are an “internal” thing. Post screenshots so it’s clear what your setup is and then enable model debug logging (menu actions->logs) and delete something to trigger the process resulting in the problem.

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