Sync.cache folder question

I’m using Syncthing across three Mac computers. Love it!

One question - On two of my computers, the “Default Folder” has a Sync.cache folder inside it and one computer does not have this folder.

Could someone explain what might be going on?


No idea, this is not a folder Syncthing creates or uses.

It’s a bit odd since it does not appear on two of the three devices that are all supposed to be “in sync”.

This folder contains three sub-folders named “trash”, “upload” and “vault”. All are empty.

So is it safe to assume that I can delete it?

Its not a folder created by Syncthing, so we can’t tell you if its safe or not safe to delete.

Are these folders actually linked together? Do they have the same folder ID when you look in the Web GUI? Have you marked them for sharing with the other devices?

The default folder is usually generated during first start with a random ID, and that will be different on each instance.

The “Default Folder” is actually a special case and its ID is always just default :wink:.

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If that’s the case, sorry for the misinformation. I don’t use it personally so never bothered to check the ID in a long time.

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