Sync between web server and local server


I am so excited to note Syncthing since it might be a solution for us.

After reading lots of posts here and before operating our server which is in love production, here is the situation and questions, and it would be great if I can have your suggestions and evaluation:

  1. For now, we have a VPS server in California, and we are in Beijing China.

  2. The server is running with an e-commerce site, and it is really not convenient for us to operate on server every day, because of lower access speed.

  3. So, what I want now is that setup a local server in our office, and the access speed will be much fast and efficient to do our work on a local server within a intranet.

  4. Setup auto sync whole website data between the web server in California and the local server in office by VPN connection.

Questions please:

1# Is that possible? Or do you think it is a doable approach?

2# If yes, what might be the bottleneck of speed of sync data between the VPS server and local server?

3# To avoid any unexpected issue and keeping the data to be consistance and continuous, How should I start at the beginning please? Do I have to download whole database and files of the website to the local server, then begin to work on the local server? If not, what is the proper way to achieve the purpose please?

Any suggestions and comments would be much appreciated, and thanks in advance.

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