Sync all folders before system shutdown

I’m using Syncthing (on Linux mostly) with some folders watched by syncthing-inotify and some (big) folders which are only checked/polled every five minutes (300s).

If I change or add a file before shutting down the system in one of the non-watched folders, it’s very likely that the changes won’t be detected in time.

So I was thinking if there is a way to delay the system shutdown, trigger a scan of all folders and wait until all changes (if any) are propagated? Maybe a custom systemd job could be used for this?

That should be possible by writing a shell script that uses the Rest API to trigger a scan and wait for the appropriate events. I am not sure what event to look for to make sure all changes are finished sending, that might not be possible. Then create a systemd service that runs this script and make (or whatever it is really called) depend on it.

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