Sync a shared folder from both Linux and Android (dualboot)


suppose one has three partitions on a device: One for Linux, one for Android, and a third one for common files accessible from both OSes. Now if I where to install a syncthing client on both Linux and Android, and have them both sync my common files with another device, would I run into trouble?

At the moment I have some files/folders on the very same device twice (I haven’t gotten around to repartition yet), but it’s an SSD and I don’t want to waste space. Also it would be nice to reboot into the other OS with the common files in sync already.

grettings and thanks to all devs providing such a nice software :slight_smile:

Generally speaking, yes, there’ll probably be trouble. At the least you need to share the device ID and index database between the two installations, meaning the Syncthing home/config dir should probably live on the shared partition.

Thank you very much for your help! Shared device ID makes sense, looking at the webinterface of my server and see how it syncs with two devices which are really one is funky the least. I’ll have a look at mounting a common home/config at the apropriate places in both OSes. That probably means that the paths to the folders synced need to be the same as well, but I’ll figure something out. Like automatically mount the third partition at /syncthing in both cases and then access it through links or something

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