Sync a Folder with different users on the same windows 11 device

My Setup:

  • Synology NAS
  • different android mobil devices
  • different windows devices with multiple users

My Problem: I use syncthing for a few years now without problem but now I’m setting up syncthing for the first time on a windows device with multiple users. I would like to sync a folder on the nas with a local copy for every user on the windows machine. nas\folder to c:\users\a\folder, nas\folder to c:\users\b\folder, nas\folder to c:\users\c\folder and so on. But I don’t get different local ID’s for each user, they’re all the same. Can someone help me? Is there a different approach for this?

If you refer to the Device ID of a Syncthing instance, then you simply need to make sure that each user’s Syncthing instance uses a unique config or home folder Syncthing — Syncthing documentation. When using unique config directories, each instance should create a new random (unique) id.

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I got it working, thanks for the reply. I got confused with the different installations methods admin and local user, after deleting the syncthing folder under appdata in the second user I got a new ID.

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