Sync 2 folders on 1 PC

How can I sync 2 folders with subfolders on 1 PC? 1st Folder is a network-folder and the 2nd is a local folder which I’d like to have synchronised. How do I have to do the setup for this?

It’s not clear what you are trying to do. Can you expand on the explanation?

I have a network folder on a server, lets say j:\Data\Project_01 and j:\Data\Project_02. I also have a local folder on my pc, lets say d:\Sync\Project_01 and d:\Sync\Project_02. This folder I have to have the data offline available.

Now I’d like to synchronise the the two folders on j: with the two folders on d:

I don’t know how to configure this in Syncthing because it’s only on one PC because I can’t install any software on the server. So I need to synchronise two folders on the same device.

Syncthing does not work with local folders. It syncs remote devices.

You might want to try unison or csync.

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