symlinks keep getting deleted


I have a Linux and Windows (10) machine that share a specific folder, let’s call it A. There are a number of symlinks within that folder subtree, both files and folders, and all the links are internal, i.e. do not point to files or folders outside of the A tree.

Since a few months ago, the (soft) links started being deleted. I have to manually add ignore patterns in Syncthing to prevent this from happening if I don’t want to keep restoring them on my Linux machine. However, this is getting exhaustive. Is there a way to tell Syncthing in Windows to just ignore anything that happens to be a symlink in a shared folder? This is getting quite frustrating … especially because it never used to happen. I can’t pinpoint it exactly but I think it corresponds to an upgrade to the most recent release.

It should not happen. If you can pin point which release this started happening it, it would be useful.

This seems to have started after upgrading to v0.14.49; note I am using SyncTrayzor on my Windows machine … not sure if this is relevant.

It’s most likely

and there’s a PR pending with a fix.

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Fantastic … that seems to be it. Looking forward to the fix. What does PR mean?

Sorry, lingo: That’s pull request, meaning I proposed a change to the code to fix the problem, now other contributors need to review it. When it will be released is another topic, that’s not yet entirely clear, but it will definitely take a moment.

Many thanks!

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