Symlinks ignored

Hello, I’m using Syncthing between my Ubuntu notebook (Syncthing version 1.4.2) and my ARM-based router with entware (Syncthing version 1.1.4). Generally it’s syncing quite good, I’m syncing about 100GB of data. What I can’t figure out is why my symlinks get ignored by Syncthing: everything results “in sync”, despite symlinks not being synced at all. They are simply ignored.

Both the router and the notebook use an EXT3 file system. The setup is:

  • notebook = send only
  • router = receive only

As far as I understand the FAQ says:

Symbolic Links (synced, except on Windows, but never followed.)

Do you have any advice? Thanks

It looks like all of your devices are non windows however.

What do you mean by ignored? Are they reflected in the item count? Is the user running syncthing permissioned to read them?

Symlinks are not reflected in the item count, neither by the “sender” nor by the “receiver”. Both the sender and the receiver count the same number of files, which is the correct one if you exclude the symlinks.

The “sender” is permitted to read the symlinks, since they are on the Desktop. The symlinks targets are located in other folders (some of which are synced, some are not synced, and some belong to the root user), but as far as I’m aware this is not relevant.

If the devices are indeed non-windows, then I guess you could run with STTRACE=scanner env var set, click the scan button, and provide the logs.

I suspect it might not be verbose enough to log specific failures, so you might have to make yourself a custom build to debug this better.

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It’s entirely possible that the GUI just doesn’t include symlinks in the count. They should still be synced though of course.


I can see the symkinks with “ls” and I can confirm their path is correct with:

find /path/to/backup/ -type l -ls

I just don’t see them in Dolphin. Probably related to this bug:

This and not including symkinks in Syncthing’s item count totally mislead me!

One minor request though: since I upgraded my router from v_1.1.4 to v_1.4.2 the GUI doesn’t show cpu and ram utilization. The same happens on my notebook, which has the same v_1.4.2. How to get cpu and ram utilization back?

You can’t, it was a concious decision to remove it.

There was a ticket on the issue tracker and a thread on the forum discussing this, but it’s not coming back.

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