Symlinks forces re-syncing again and again

Hello, I synced my Linux home folder with a Raspbian. All files are synced well, even the symlinks. But the symlinks will be re-synced again and again. I read a lot of topics here in the forum. but I couldn’t find my issue. All the other topics about symlinks seems to be handle the following of symlinks, what I do not need.

Syncthing version of my laptop is 1.0.1. Syncthing version of the Raspbian is v0.14.18-dfsg1.

Can anybody help me?

Any clues in the logs?

I found that the default setting for symlinks of raspberry syncthing version 0.14.18-dsfg1 is: <symlinksEnabled>true</symlinksEnabled>. I changed it into <symlinksEnabled>false</symlinksEnabled>. But now I have multiple unsynchronized objects, e.g. symlink not supported.

I do not need to follow symlinks but it should at least synchronize the link itself. What can I do?

Thanks for your help.

That setting hasn’t existed (or at least had no effect) for a long time. But your syncthing version on the raspi is over 2 years old. Your problems will porbaply be resolved by a current version.

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Your outdated raspberry version looks like the one in the offical debian repos. If you want a up-to-date version, have a look at the syncthing repository at

Hello, thanks to all. After I installed the current version 1.0.1 the issues have gone. BTW: I saw that the version I use on my Android phone is 0.14.51. it seems to be old as well. Is there any update available?

This is currently discussed in “Is the default Android app actively maintained at the moment?”.

From my personal experience: the Android version has no problem to synchronize with the 1.0.1 version.

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