Symlink following not supported?

There is a lot of discussion about symlink following, not being supported, requested as a feature, development progress, disabled… finally what is the latest status?

I tried adding a symlink folder on the source (linux) computer, and the remote (android) device is out of sync due to a failure. Syncthing seems to try to create the same symlink on the remote device, because it complains “operation not permitted” for “syncing: symlink create: symlink [source symlink directory path] /storage/emulated/0/[syncthing directory on remote device]”. Naturally that will fail because the filesystem structures are not the same.

So, can symlinks be followed, not just copied? Sorry if this has been dealt with ad nauseum. It is a common use-case, and the many existing threads and issues on the topic are old and confusing.

Of course, right after posting I found this in the documentation FAQ:

  • Symbolic links (synced, except on Windows, but never followed)

So I guess that answers the question.