Switch to stable ppa


I just noticed that I accidentally added the candidate ppa to my Ubuntu 18.04 machine, and I wonder what the best way is to get to a stable version without running into problems. I’d like to avoid problems like incompatible configurations etc. Especially since everything is working smoothly for me currently.

My spontaneous plan would be to wait until the candidate channel offers a stable version (the same should be available then on the stable channel, I think) and then to change the ppa configuration to stable and maybe also reinstall syncthing (keeping the config).

I wonder what your recommendation is, though.


That should work, you might be able to uninstall and reinstall too, I think.

Or just change to the stable channel in your APT config and you’ll get the next stable update that is newer than whatever you’re on currently, and keep on that way.


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Thanks for your help. I changed the config to the stable channel and am curiously waiting for the stable update :smiley:

There were some late changes to the release candidate that has pushed the schedule back a little.

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