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I have syncthing installed on a raspberry pi through apt-get, so it doesn’t update automatically. Is there a configuration change to switch it over to automatic updates? If uninstall and reinstall is required, can I retain configuration files (what files?) so that my setup and synced folders are retained on re-installation?

Though not updated automatically, I do keep it up to date; currently on version 1.15.1.

Deinstalling wont remove the config. Just deinstall, download the binary from syncthing.net and use that (put it somewhere in your path with write access for updating, e.g. ~/.local/bin).

apt-get (nowadays just apt) can (auto) update packages, as that is what a package manager is supposed to do. If you want automatic ugprades with apt, I suggest looking into unattended-upgrades. There is no real need to switch to a different distribution method, altough that’s certainly a possibility. Unattended-upgrades can (and probably should) be configured in a way so that it only updates certain (allowed) packages, minimizing the risk of system breakage.

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