switch install via Trayzor to Service based setup

Running 1.18.0 via SyncTrazor application (launch after login) on 2 Windows File Servers and need to switch to ST as a service. It was a proof of concept which worked (replaced Resilio), but I never switched it over to the service. I need to make sure a full resync doesn’t occur on switch from app to service. Any recommendations on switching from SyncTrayzor application to Windows system service?

Stats: Local State: 2.1+ million files, 600k+ folders, 4.55TB 2 Sync Endpoints


Service really (this would require additional software, AFAIR NSSM is the one here)? You can instead run ST from task scheduler on boot on behalf the same user it runs currently. Just “force” the -home= parameter (or both -config= and -data=): although it should not be required I sometimes (seldom) noticed a default GUI on a PC with huge load on boot. I can’t see why a full resync would trigger, and even it happens this won’t make the data in your shares to be sent again.

There’s a section on starting Syncthing automatically in the documentation. As for switching from a SyncTrayzor set-up, when you uninstall SyncTrayzor it leaves behind all Syncthing configuration which can be re-used for the service, or moved as desired.

As always, take a complete backup of all synced data and configuration before starting.