Swamping log file with tls error messages

I’m using syncthing version 1.0.0~ds1-1+b11 for amd64 on debian 10 (buster). I get a continuous stream in my system log file, /var/log/syslog, of error messages of the following form:

Sep 4 10:18:07 dzur syncthing[26890]: 2019/09/04 10:18:07 http: TLS handshake error from remote error: tls: unknown certificate

I get two every ten seconds. They are swamping syslog. Yesterday’s syslog had 16330 lines, of which 14998 were redundant copies of the sample.

Is there any way I can reduce this verbosity? Maybe fix the underlying problem?

Would the developers please consider knocking that down to, say, no more than one an hour?

Without doing deep fact checking, I think this is/was caused by a browser that doesn’t like syncthings self-signed certificate.

The spamming of this message was fixed in version 1.2.2, which was released yesterday.

It seems you’re currently using the official debian repository (which is a bit older). If you want the recent version with the fix, you can add syncthing’s own apt repository at apt.syncthing.net.


Thank you. I installed the “stable” repo, updated, and that seems to have solved the problem.