Support, not syncing and stuck

Hello! I have syncthing installed on TrueNas and on my Windows11 PC But I have 2 problems with this app:

  1. I have some folder where i modify files, like deleting some and creating some more new. But on my syncthing i can see that new created files can be seen also on the “NAS”, deleted ones won’t be deleted. I also tried to put: A. the Windows 11 PC in send-only mode B. the Truenas in recive-only mode C. file versioning in mode “Trash can be file Versioning” screenshots

  2. On the computer syncthing is stuck at 95% from days telling me “Syncing (95% 0 B)”… in fact if I watch what files it’s trying to Sync i see “Folder\example Path~$Info.docx” Screenshots

Thanks for the future Help!

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