Super Slow Transfer Speed

I’ve gone through other threads of people facing slow transfer speeds but have been unable to solve my problem.

Heres the situation, I am trying to sync a folder from Mac to Android. The folder is less than 2 gigs but lots of files (~100k). The sync has been going for over a week and still not done with transfer speeds in the low KBs if not Bytes per second. Both devices are using stock syncthing settings and are on the same wifi network. The Address is shown as local and the connection type is TCP LAN.

I hope this is the right way to ask for help, thanks in advance

What is the Android version? The slow speed is somewhat expected with Android 11 and newer, however a week sounds quite excessive. I’d expect that to finish in 1-2 days maximum, although there will likely be differences depending on the hardware, storage speed, etc.

Just for the record, it’s not about the network connection, it’s about Android and its filesystem access implementation through FUSE.

The android version is 1.22.2

Being curious by nature, i happened to check out fuse and found documentation about “FUSE pass through requests”. Maybe implementing these could speed up Syncthing on Android, but I am not familiar with coding and Syncthings code base, so maybe Syncthing already employs these techniques.

If I understand correctly, it’s not for the app but the Android build for the specific device that needs to support that. It’s also available only for those devices which came with Android 12 out of the box (i.e. not upgraded from older versions), so it will take time until the thing becomes universally available.

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