suggestion of syncronitzation

(francesc furroy furroy madrenys) #1

Hello, I have syncthing running in a raspberry 24h per day, when I open the web GUI, allways says “syncronizing”, and I don’t understand why because it is running all the time, as far I know, syncthing is runnig like a daemon, so it should be updated every time I check the web GUI, or it starts to syncronize when I open the web interface?


(Audrius Butkevicius) #2

It should sync in the background, perhaps there is a lot of work todo, hence it just keeps working on it.

(francesc furroy furroy madrenys) #3

hello and thank you, I have a short list of issues to improve syncthing. I thing that are not dificult changes to do but it will improve a lot, because today are a bit confusing the way that it works, especially the information that the user recives trough the GUI.