Suggestion: Change Debian/Ubuntu Install Guide from apt-get to apt

Debian and Ubuntu both have the ability to use apt for updating and installing software so apt-get is no longer necessary in commands.

If you’d like to learn more about the apt command, I wrote an article (link in video description) and recorded a video about this topic.

*note: it wouldn’t let me use more than one link so that’s why I mentioned the video description link.

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Fascinating. I remember when the APT project was started, with grand plans on the APT tool. Then apt-get was released as a sort of interim tool to use, and now 15 years later or something we get an apt tool. :smiley:

Yea, it was kind of funny how badly organized it was and how poorly marketed it was.

apt replaced apt-get in 2014 for the fundamental features such as update and install (which was 16 years after APT in general was released).

I had been using the apt command for quite a while, I think about a year before I realized no one was using it on tutorials. Then I wrote an article about it and a YouTube video on it. In the video, I demonstrated websites using apt-get instead such as WebUpd8 and then all of the sudden sites like WebUpd8 and OMG!Ubuntu started using apt instead.

I’m not saying I was the instigator of the change . . . but it is interesting that shortly after I make a bit of a fuss about it, these blogs start using it seemingly out of nowhere. :slight_smile:

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Last I looked apt still warns there could be syntax changes.

The stability of apt-get is preferable to the addition of coloured output.

That’s solely because it is being updated where as apt-get has not been modified in that way for years. That also only means things like adding extra features like 16.04 gained autoremove where as previously it didn’t have that. The syntax of install and update wouldn’t be changing and therefore not using it because of that wouldn’t really make sense.

There is a lot more to it other than “coloured output” for example apt install handles local deb files better than apt-get.