Suggest me a workflow for ios

I am planning to set up Syncthing between a Windows desktop and an always-on Rpi. However, my wife often needs to exchange files between the desktop and an iPad Pro. She doesn’t necessarily need the entire Syncthing root stored locally on the iPad but rather the ability to easily get, edit and push files from and to the desktop. Preferably, the transfer will happen over LAN. What is the best (from a UX perspective) setup on the iPad for this?

Some options:

  • SMB/NFS/ftp and some ios file explorer app that can mount these. Suggestions?

  • host Nextcloud over the Syncthing root on the Rpi. Can the Rpi 3B+ handle it well? Any other lightweight alternatives for a LAN file serving?

  • Use dropbox/onedrive/google drive only for the purpose of asynchronously transitioning files between the PC and the iPad. What is the best cloud service for the iPad (I can’t bother with icloud)?

Any other suggestion is welcome. Thanks

We don’t have anything on the iOS story so hard to suggest something. I use iCloud.