Suddenly unread topics / maintenance...

I ran a couple of batch jobs to close out way old support topics created before we had auto close, and also archived (= freeze against future modification) some topics from 2014. The latter had the unfortunate side effect of marking those topics “unread” again, including things like welcome messages from the forum itself… :frowning: :scream:

I won’t be doing that again, obviously.

In the meantime, the Unread -> Dismiss... path may be useful for those of you who were all read up before now… Sorry about that.

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Hasn’t happened to me…

Nor me.

Awesome. Then most people are probably good. :thumbsup:

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Happened to me, but only in the Unread section, which I never use ;). I’m always up to date, so the Latest section with the unread markings is what I use. And there, nothing old popped up after your close/freeze. So I could easily use the Unread -> Dismiss to clean up.

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