Suddenly not connecting - and on beta version?

Not going to categorize this as a bug just yet (could be my fault), but it seems strange. I have a mix of local and (not local?) internet syncthing instances, all of which seem to run fine except form my main computer. Running windows 10 64 bit, using nssm to run it as a service. It was working perfectly fine, when all of a sudden it wouldn’t connect to anything. All the other instances are ‘disconnected’, and apparently I’m now on version v0.12.0-beta2, while all my others are on v0.11.26. I have no recollection of upgrading it, and I definitely would not opt into a beta application on only one device.

Any explanation for this? A fix short of re-installing? (Due to my use of nssm I think that means re-configuring)

You need to replace the Syncthing binary with the v0.11.26 and rename your current config file (to disable it) and rename the one probably named config.xml.v11 to re-enable the old config.

The v0.12.0-beta2 was published as non-beta, so it Synchting prompted you to upgrade although it would not auto-upgrade.

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