Successful ported syncthing to WiTi board (OpenWRT/MIPS CPU/880MHz/256MB/SATA3.0)

Hi guys,

I like syncthing a lot. I need a lightweight and powerful device to play with syncthing. Router runs openwrt seems quite attractive for me.They are cheap, small size, powerful(sometimes), low power consumption, runs 24 x 7, internet connectivity is a must.

So, our team launched WiTi board project which is designed to be a home data center. :sunglasses: We start an indiegogo campaign a week ago. We successfully raised $15000 in a week. :clap:

The board is very powerful, It has:

  • Dual-Core CPU MIPS 1004kc 880MHz(4 thread)
  • Dual Band WiFi(2.4G+5G)
  • Very large storage space, SATA3.0 x2,USB3.0,USB2.0(through expansion ports),and MicroSD card

I know syncthing very early at go-nuts. What is disappointed me is the official golang team decides only supports ARM/X86_64, No MIPS!!.So I gave up syncthing for a while and trying to find a replacement, but I canโ€™t find one. Iโ€™ve tried OwnCloud for a week, I have to say i donโ€™t like it. Itโ€™s to heavy for me. Syncthing is still the only one meet my needs and make me want to use it daily.

Everyone knows MIPS architecture is dominating the router market currently and there is a lot potential users for syncthing.Nearly every home and office needs one router, right? I like golang a lot, i decide to port syncthing to our MIPS router.

Thanks to gccgo, We can make it happen now! After trying a lot of hours, I finally make it happen and here is the proof.

Command Line (1/2)

Ignore the errors which i intended to print it out, syncthing is actually working for me :smile:


Iโ€™d like to release all the sources to let everybody can use syncthing on there router. The source include the OpenWRT building system, you can build everything from scratch include GCC itself! A modified version syncthing, and a build guide. I will prepare it ASAP.

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Command Line (2/2)



At last

Please consider supports our WiTi Board project, I bet you will love into it.

Interesting. Looking forward to seeing the guide and the code changes required.

Hi leoliu.

I just wanted to ask if you could share steps to make Syncthing running on OpenWRT? Keep up great work and thanks.


Did this ever get released? Would love a MIPS build for routers!

Quite cool. Iโ€™ve been waiting for syncthing on MIPS for a long time.

We are still waiting. The hope dies last :slight_smile:

Standard MIPS releases now available. Not sure if it will work.

I think the ram size of the hw is pretty essential to syncthing

quoting from the indiegogo page

256MB Memory (up to 512MB)