Sub folder not showing unable to link to Plex

I am new to Syncthing. I have my account set up and I have it set up on my orangepi5. When I go to put the path in /home/orangpi/Camera the Camera directory is not showing. The permissions and ownership are set correctly.

Any ideas?

There have been several other earlier posts from other Syncthing users with Orange Pi hardware that might be helpful: orangepi, orange pi

You’ll have to provide more details before anyone can help because there are a lot of possible combinations of software:

  • What OS are you using? (e.g. Orange Pi OS, Ambian, Android, etc.)
  • What method did you use to install and run Syncthing? (e.g. standalone binary, official APT repository, official OS repository, Docker)
  • Screenshots of Syncthing’s web GUI with details of the sync folder and device(s) visible.
  • What did you mean by “When I go to put the path in /home/orangpi/Camera the Camera directory is not showing.”?

Sorry for the delay. I am using the OrangePI ubuntu OS Using the offical APT repository.

As you can see the path to the folder is /home/orangepi/Camera, but when I go to plex and look for the folder the Camera directory is not showing.

Based on your screenshots, it looks like your Syncthing installation is working just fine, and it’s actually an issue with your Plex setup.

How did you install Plex? Is it in a Docker container?

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