I am running SyncThing on 2 computers A and B. My “root” folder is my user home folder on both, as per-default.

From A, I share ~/work/example using id example. On B this folder is synched as ~/example.

I would like to be able to retain the same directory structure on both A and B (~/work/example), and to do the same for other sub directories as well. Is it possible ?

I sense I can do something similar by sharing the a parent folder folder and using ‘include’ (negative !) entries in .stignore, but I also understand that would cause watching the entire home ~ which is undesirable.

You can set your own locations for folders on both sides. There is no requirement to have anything relative to a system root or home folder.

Unless the number of folders gets excessive, what you probably want is to add each folder you want synced seperately.

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