.stversions folder sync

hi I have tried to symlink my .stversions Folders in a seperate folder and to sync it to other machines to make a 100% copy of the running system(and the advantages of it). But i have to say its not working so good. its break the versions system(its a reported issue) and it not working automatically. i have to symlink the folders by myself.

the question is: is it posible to sync the .stversions preferably with no additional software ? and a minimum of config-work

It should work, but given you haven’t explained the issue you are having not much we can do to help.

sorry forgot to answer.

i have 3 devices. backupserver 24h-raspi server desktop pc

the data comes from the pc and goes to the 24h-raspi server and if the backup server is online the there too.

i have the same auto-accept-folder base on the 24h-raspi and the backupserver. i configed on the 24h-raspi-server to versioning files(not all) and its work. the problem is now the .stversions folders will not synced to the backupserver.

i tryed it with on the whole syncthing base folder:

!.stversions *

but its not working

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