Stuck with "Out of Sync Items" on other device after changing to Receive Only

I have a 4+ way setup, and initially had ‘Folder A’ on a source device set to “Send Only”, with 2 others set to Send/Receive.

I added another devices to share ‘Folder A’, intially as “Send/Receive” but then changed to to ‘Receive Only’. I also changed the 2 other devices from “Send/Receive” to “Receive Only” (probably mid-way syncing to the new device), and now those 2 devices have under “Remote Devices” → “Out of Sync Items” to the newly added device and shows no info on which files.

I’m not sure, but it appears if/when changing a device folder from “Send/Receive” to “Receive Only”, the devices changed to “Receive Only” mid-sync still incorrectly show ‘Out of Sync’ items status for a newly added device, when there are no items to send (since they’re receive only now).

The new device has all folders “Up to Date” on the global cluster otherwise.

I have to Unshare the device and re-add it for the incorrect “Out of Sync Items” label to go away. Syncthing should simply recognise and update the device list to reflect the new status of each folder.

The source device that has the folder set to “Send Only” is not affected, all the other devices are “Up to Date” with no issues.

Unfortunately I don’t know what happened. The situation in the end means, that the db contents are consistent (no files are shown when you click on the out of sync items), however the metadata (sort of a fast track statistics reference) incorrectly still shows 2 items to be out-of-sync. To find out what happens the issue needs to be reproduced - if you can do that, please let us know. There’s also a chance that some related changes in v1.18.0 do fix the issue you encountered.

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