Stuck trying to delete a non-empty folder

For some reason SyncThing keeps trying to delete folders on my synced system. This folder has not been removed on the Master (deployment) folder, but all the synced systems are doing the same thing:

[DKNDJ] 19:12:16 INFO: Puller (folder "inetpub_new", dir "www\\nas"): delete: remove \\?\C:\inetpub\webapps\www\nas: The directory is not empty.

Any idea whats up here? It’s stalling the sync process across the board.

I got this same error today: but I am not using a Master, it’s an every-node-is-equal setup. I had to manually delete on the node with the problem, each of the deleted folders still had all the content there.

Right - but in my case there was nothing deleted… I never wanted to delete this folder in the first place.

Sorry for the derail then.

This is usually caused by that folder having been deleted somewhere (doesn’t need to be the master), and you having files in it that are ignored.

While the error is annoying, all other changes are applied, that is it doesn’t prevent other changes from being synced.

But thats the thing - the folder wasn’t deleted anywhere… We only ever make changes to the master folder (no one but me has access to the others) and I’ve been assured that no attempt to delete it there was made.

Not that I distrust you personally, but I’d double check that. There’s an API call to get the file metadata which would tell us (in a somewhat roundabout way) which device originated the delete, but I’m on mobile now so can’t easily cook an example for you. :confused:

Hitting “override” on the master should convince everyone of the folder’s right to exist, btw.

The master shows everything’s in harmony - everything is just stuck synchronizing at 100%

For my problem: I don’t use any ignores. I suspect the problem was the delete happened before all nodes were synchronised. i.e. new folder with new files, another new folder with new files, move of all files to another new folder, then move of files out of sync folder before sync was complete on third node.

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