Stuck syncing with a device at 94% with blank "out of sync" items list

So i have 3 devices running syncthing. i have a problem with 2 of them, my main system and my school system. Both are running win10 22h2 with synctrazor v1.1.29 and syncthing v1.23.0. I have set syncthing to only be used locally at my home wifi on both machines. both systems seem to all have the same files in place. on my school machine, it shows that everything has been synced and is fine. this is only shown on my main machine.

here is an image of synctrayzor from the main machine

here is an image of synctrayzor from the school machine

Here is what i have done:

  • delete and re-add my school and main machines in synctrayzor on both machines.
  • delete and re-add the 2nd folder in synctrayzor on both machines.
  • delete the contents of the folder and resynced on the school machine.
  • run syncthing --reset-deltas

if more info is needed, please tell me.

Welcome @bippity ! Can you please screenshot a subset of the 639 out of sync items?

probably shouldve taken a ss of the entire syncthing gui when i took the ss of the out of sync items. there is no other option to choose in the menu when i click on the out of sync items. this was taken from my main machine. i do remember that one time a pop up showed at the top of the synctrayzor window saying that i have an unsynced folder, that being folder 2. @martinleben

Sorry, I don’t understand this. Someone else need to help.

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