stuck on Out of Sync Items

I´m stuck on my Zyxel NSA320S on “Out of Sync Items” and when I click on the list nothing shows up, can anyone help? Thanks. capture_001_08102019_151016

Check the logs.

Unfortunately, that does not help:

Check the console window where it’s running

It is a NAS device in a network, there is no console

Well the process is launched somehow on the nas, and that process produces a log.

I know, and it is driving me crazy, I’ve been dealing with this for a week and I’m very close to ditching syncthing at all…

I am not sure why the log viewer is not showing anything tho, it should work. Perhaps there are some web request errors that are visible in chrome developer tools to explain this.

Is this the same issue as Out of Sync when nothing changed (linux, macOS)?

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