Stuck at syncing, folders "up to date"

I have syncthing running on an off-site server (l), and it’s showing the following:

Here’s what my desktop (S) thinks the situation is:

It’s been like that for several days now, and through restarts on both instances. All the file counts of the folders shared between S and l match. I should not have any ignores set up.

I have also added some files over the past few days, and they were as usual.

What should I look into to begin with?

Firstly: If the folders are correctly linked (sync at all), there is nothing to worry about here, as all folders are in sync.

I can’t be sure, but from those screenshot I am 99% sure this is due to different ignore patterns on the two devices. You can check by comparing the local state numbers of the same folders on both devices. In the end the bottom line is that the remote device syncing status at the moment isn’t completely reliable. There is a PR pending that should fix this.

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