Stuck at Syncing 100% - Problem with 2 folders

Hi Running 0.14.29 on 2 computers (PC and Laptop) - Windows 10 and most of the time it has worked fine - so great job guys/gals.

The problem I have at the moment is that both machines show Syncing at 100%, never “up to date”. On further investigation, the Laptop shows that the single “Sync” directory had 1079 folders and the PC shows 1077. (10585 files each, 39.8GB each)

Is there a debug option that can help me find the 2 “odd” folders ?

BTW. There’s no Ignore Patterns on either machine :slight_smile: and both machines have been rebooted a number of times.



The out of sync link should display a list of the offending files/folders.

Probably on the PC.

The SYNC folder shows as “Up to Date”, its the Remote Devices showing Syncing (100%) all the time. The “Folders/Sync” data shows a difference in the number of folders between the machines but not which one’s

There’s a large number of debug options so thought one of those may help BTW. Using SyncTrayzor 1.1.16 on both machines and there’s no info in the Console screen to help


The folder says up to date on both machines GUI?

Yep - Both machines say the folders are up to date

Just a side note, its a good thing I had syncthing running as my main PC keeps crashing/rebooting the last few days - not related to the above problem - but shows how good Syncthing can be :slight_smile: I have a automatic backup and can still access important files on the laptop. (yes I know syncthing is NOT a backup but it can still save your ar** )

I think the PC hard drive is on its way out so may not be able to report back on any other info as I may have to rebuild the PC from scratch


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