Stuck at "Syncing (0%)"

I’m having a problem where a snyc is connected but stuck at 0% when syncing across devices. On my desktop I setup a folder for my Documents, and successfully added that to my laptop. The folder structure was created on my laptop, but no files have been transferred.

I needed to port forward my route to get my laptop and desktop to see each other (my desktop is at home, and my laptop is at work so they are not on the same local network). Is there another port I need to forward? Or a typical issue with firewalls that I need to solve to get the files to actually sync. It has been a while since I have played with syncthing so I do not remember if there was any extra setup to get this to work when two computers are not on a local network.

Other Info:

  • Desktop is a Windows 8.1 system
  • Laptop is running Ubuntu 15.04
  • I have simple file versioning turned on

Please let me know if any additional info is needed. I would normally post screenshots but that is proving to be difficult. Since I am remoted into my desktop. If I manage to get them I will update.

Thanks in advance!

Nevermind… I restarted syncthing on BOTH my laptop and desktop and magically they started syncing. Maybe something timed out and gave up. Ill pay attention in the future to if/when this happens again and see if I can track down what happened.

Thanks anyway!

@AudriusButkevicius / @calmh any idea? This seems to happen a bit too often?

Some issue with the new restartless adding of folders and devices perhaps?

Possibly, I think I experienced the same problem when switching from a master to a non-master folder because no files were being pulled until I hit the restart button.

Just another voice - I had the same issues - added folders, nothing would sync for ages. Ended up restarting and all of a sudden it worked. Didn’t think much of it at the time, but it seems it wasn’t just me. I am also fairly sure I only restarted the syncthing instance on the side that I added the folders (the other side already had them added)

Same here, something seems to be missing. Steps: Add folder to device A, confirm “do you want to add folder” on device B, syncing (0%), restart device B, all good

That sounds like a legit bug. I don’t think we handle folder “type changes” correctly, just adding and removing.

This is supposed to work, however it doesn’t (I can repro it myself). Looking into it!

Found it:

We actually trigger the “restart needed” dialog for option changes like master/non-master on existing folders… (Which is still needed)

Will be in the next release on Sunday.

Resolved in v0.11.20.

Awesome, thanks!