Stuck at startup

This has happened thrice:

It opens, hangs for a while, then a window pops up saying it’s taking longer than expected, offers to open the log, but the log is empty.

Occasionally it will throw a “Not responding” error.

This gets fixed with a reboot, but having to reboot this often can’t be right.

You’d have to try and get the logs via adb I guess.

You mean the Android logs?

I don’t know how to get Syncthing-specific logs through adb.

I think there was a glimpse of Android logs in the video:

Seems not to like the certificate for web ui. Not sure what to suggest. Update your OS? Might be running an outdated version of openssl?

I’m on the latest stable branch of Android 12 on a Pixel phone. I don’t think it gets much more up-to-date than this.

I do not know what openssl is. How can I update it?

I do use Syncthing in multiple profiles if that makes any difference.

Perhaps that explains it.

I suspect we only support running a single instance at a time and the failure is caused by the fact the certificate it gets does not match what we expect (because it connects to the instance in the previous profile).

I guess you can test this by checking that it’s always the second instance you try and launch is failing.

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This doesn’t happen all the time, only on occasion, and gets fixed with a reboot. Meaning most of the time both profiles are running Syncthing successfully. But having to reboot every day is obviously not right.

Profile support is native Android functionality and has been since Android 6. I think every app should support it.

The android app is maintenance mode, and nobody is working on it, so its unlikely to happen.

From the error you posted I am fairly certain the error is due to the app trying to connect to the syncthing instance of the other profile, not sure why that happens only sometimes however.

Actually I retract my previous statement about it happening on occasion. You’re right, whichever profile I ran it first on, it will fail on the other profile.

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not sure why that happens only sometimes however.

No no, it happens all the time. I’ve just retested.

The android app is maintenance mode, and nobody is working on it, so its unlikely to happen.

I had no idea. Kinda weird considering most people have probably heard about Syncthing because they wanted to sync their phone with their computer haha

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