Stuck at 50/52%


For some reason today my sync jobs are inexplicity stuck at 50 and 52% on just two systems. Both servers have plenty of disk space, are configured identically to the other systems (they are clones), and nothing unusual is appearing in the logs on either system. Any idea why this would occur? How can I tell what it ISN’T syncing?

Hi @strager,

Could you provide us with logs of both systems?

If you click on out of sync items it will open a modal showing per file progress. Also, try refreshing the page.

Numbers at or close to 50% can also mean that you are sharing two folders with .200, but that device only has one of them set up?

Is the sync really stuck or is it just showing that it’s incomplete? I also saw this today that everything was perfectly syncing but /rest/db/completion showed 0 for one folder and so the gui showed <100%. The gui on the other side had everything up to date and when changing one file it was perfectly synced… I will see if I can reproduce that.


When I click on the item it shows almost everything is out of sync despite the fact that it’s been perfectly syced for months…

@calmh - We haven’t added anything new to sync in a very long time… one of the things I like about Syncthing versus more “high end” synchronization software is that it’s pretty much ‘set it and forget it’…

Almost everything out of sync is due to the upgrade to 0.11, the index needed to be rebuilt and metadata needs to be exchanged. I see on your screenshot that you have Master enabled, like this it can always stay out of sync because you don’t accept changes (don’t know what happens if the file is exactly the same even with same mtime but only version vecors are different). For the initial sync after the upgrade to 0.11 you maybe have to deactivate that.

If this is not the case maybe it’s the same Issue I have and just reported ( Status Idle but still needed files · Issue #1765 · syncthing/syncthing · GitHub)

My previous post was wrong, the other node shows idle, but has needed files in one folder, so this bug is still possible :frowning: Completion 0 was due to a typo in the folder id, it is acutually 28%.