Strings lost in GUI

Hi I notice in the latest 0.14.15 two new strings : “Send & Receive” and “Send only”. Please, were are they? Also, I see the “Edit Folder” popup title has no translation and no string matches in transifex. Thanks

The first two are in the master lang-en.json file and should be on Transifex, but they may be slow to update. Edit Folder / Edit Device seems to be missing due to a bug in how we generate that file from the HTML originals. I think we used to have them in there, I’ll update it manually right away and they should reappear probably with their old translations as recommendations.

“Send & Receive” and “Send only” aren’t in the gui yet. They are planed as the new names for “normal” and “Master” folder type. In preparation for the new “receive only” type.

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Thank you Jacob. I went back to say I also saw this for “Edit device”. You were faster :wink: . Action/Settings & Advanced popup titles are OK although.

Thank you ww, this makes sense. I guessed something like that.