strelaysrv - main.go:147: Connection limit 419430 - and how it can be fixed

Any idea what is this ?

Apparently after upgrade it seems that i cannot use the relay anymore

Nov 29 15:54:48 str1 strelaysrv[735]: 2022/11/29 15:54:48 main.go:141: strelaysrv v1.22.1 “Fermium Flea” (go1.19.2 linux-amd64) 2022-11-02 06:27:53 UTC

Nov 29 15:54:48 str1 strelaysrv[735]: 2022/11/29 15:54:48 main.go:147: Connection limit 419430

Apparently all my clients get connection refused on this now .

This is a normal startup message showing the connection limit in effect and is not an error.

During startup, at least three messages should be printed (possibly more):

main.go:141: strelaysrv v1.22.1 "Fermium Flea" (go1.19.2 linux-amd64) 2022-11-02 06:27:53 UTC [noupgrade]
main.go:147: Connection limit 419430
main.go:259: URI: relay://<relay-url>

After this, the relay server should accept connections.

You can launch the relay server with debugging options (-debug, see Syncthing Relay Server — Syncthing documentation) to potentially get more information about failing connections. If a syncthing client is unable to connect to a given relay, you will also see an error message in the syncthing client logs/GUI.

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