Strange Sync Behavior

Hi, i have syncthing running since month and i like it, but i notice some strange information about Server and Client. The Client is a Win10 and the Server a Debian Machine for Syncthing only. Both on latest Version. I sync for testing 64GB Data with different type and size with Option Ignore Permissions. Today i see that the server say stopped on Folder, but the Remote Device is syncing. On the Win10 Client its seems ok on both sides. So first questions is "What happend and what can i do?" Another point is on Client Syncthing shows 3 missing files and they are in real deleted. What can i do to solve this error message? On Server i got an message that 27406 Files are out of sync. So What can i do? And at all i am confused about the different States of Cliient and Server. I ever used same Version on both systems. Thx for helping.

“Stopped” should be accompanied by an error message of some sort, somewhere among the folder attributes in the GUI.

Screenshots from both sides would be nice.

Hi, ok stopped because of the Files which are out of sync? And why i got not this message on the client? Shouldnt it be shown on both sides? Screens are uploaded. SkyMobile1 is Win10.Ok one Image…

And second image

The error describes that a file that syncthing creates at the root (.stfolder) is missing or the flash drive is not mounted. The other machine shows 3 failed items which will tell you why they failed if you click on the “3 Objekte”

Hi, yes thats what is written on both sides. The flash is inserted and syncing with the server. All seems normal and ok, except this errors. The lots of files out of sync should sync if the flash is inserted, or not? So the question is, howto finaly delete the 3 files and whey the other files not resync?

This is your issue. It’s not syncing, the folder is stopped. The file is used to check if the folder is mounted or not.

Hi, ok. Backupfolder is mounted and i didnt changed the folder permissions. So what can i do to recreate the .stfolder file?

Just re-create an empty file.

Hi, created a test.txt but still stopped.

test.txt is not .stfolder, you need to create .stfolder, which you’ve probably deleted.

Hey, you sound not friendly… First you didnt say that i have to create this file. Second the .stfolder file exist, so i didnt deleted them, so whay you say i did it with no proof?

That is what Audrius wrote earlier in response to your screenshot, which features a “Stopped” folder with the error “folder marker missing” (.stfolder == folder marker). If this file exists in your folder on the SyncSRV01 device, then this error should go away.

Yes youre right, but the the drive is mounted, writable and the file exists.

Then can syncthing can access itm Does it have some weird permissions, or syncthing is running as some other user? Also, did you try pressing the rescan button?

Hi, sorry for answering so late. There is no wired permission nor running syncthing as another user. its a simple installation with an share as nfs mount. All work fine since a few version, but on one of the last updates, i didnt remember which one it was, i got this problem. the confusing is, that the client seems to be running, because it reports no error an all folder as ok. a rescan didnt work.

Try to figure out which version broke it so that we could narrow down the causes.

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