Strange spike in usage reports

A sudden influx of new users? Have we changed something about the usage reports? A bug in the collector?

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Did we ship an RC on Android maybe?

By the looks of it, the amount of reported Android devices more than doubled since the beginning of the month. From ±21k to ±55k now. That’s quite a bump. Seemingly those ended up on v1.27.1-rc.1. Could this be explained by the login-issue we had - that more users went to a RC to mitigate it?

Oh yeah that would explain it - I’ll double check right now.
Edit1: At least nominally 1.27.1 is on the release track, i.e. not a beta release.
Edit2: And yeah, contained therein is 1.27.1-rc.1 - I messed up the release. I’ll fix it up asap.
Edit3: There’s supposed to be a check in the release script to make sure the app and syncthing version match each other, however it only checks the main version - not the RC part… I’ll fix that too to prevent this in the future.
Edit4: And the release is ready, waiting for review by google.
Edit5 (this is getting silly): The script is fine, it should have caught this. I just tried to run it again on the old commit, and it failed. What the heck did I do there?!


For the record, F-Droid also followed and is now serving “1.27.1” with “1.27.1-rc.1” inside it as a stable release.


Yep, and they’ll follow with too.

If anyone wants to speed it up, you can edit this file to add the new release: metadata/com.nutomic.syncthingandroid.yml · master · F-Droid / Data · GitLab
I just tried on mobile and encountered some strange errors. And wont be online for a while now - I’ll wait for the updater script (or a volunteer) to bump the version.