Strange repeating puller error.

I have a problem with two of my shares, after initial scan errors keep repeating:

[JUUCP] 14:19:39 INFO: Puller (folder “camera”, file “”): dst create: open /home/erik/phonepicCyano/.syncthing…: file exists

for one repo. The other one had a similiar error, so I removed …syncthing. which made the new error: [JUUCP] 14:14:11 WARNING: puller: final: rename /home/erik/Notebooks/.syncthing… /home/erik/Notebooks: directory not empty

Any ideas? Have reset the index and added and removed the shares to see if something would shake out. Hilfe?

This is an after effect of the other bug you reported. Try the latest dev build linked at the top of this page for a resolution, hopefully.

Thank you, I’ll give it a shot. I really appreciate your quick responses and continued work.

Just wanted to add that this solved the issue. All my four nodes are nov on dev build and instead of copying a few bytes every hour are now handing over megabytes a second. Syncthing is such a lovely piece of software.

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Glad to hear that’s fixed! I’ll push a new release with it soon enough.