Strange INFO about permissions

I’ve just set up syncthing on a computer A. Then I’ve set it up on computer B. I’ve copied my “test suite” to ~/Sync on A, and waited for it to sync on B. It synced without any problems so I was very pleased with that. Then I’ve set it up on computer C, added devices A and B and I waited for C to sync.

I got the following INFO on computer C:

[WUZ2F] 23:28:09 INFO: Puller: final: rename /home/luke/Sync/math-docs/ar2012.03, decidability of l2 cohomology/.syncthing.algo.sty.tmp /home/luke/Sync/math-docs/ar2012.03, decidability of l2 cohomology/algo.sty: permission denied

FYI: the folder “ar2012.03, decidability of l2 cohomology” and all its content is read-only. It has many more subfolders and files than just algo.sty, but the message above was the only strange message I got.

What’s worse or better (I’m not sure which) when I’ve checked afterwards, computer C seems to have a perfectly fine copy of the file algo.sty, including read-only permission. Should I be worried?

A and B are up-to-date debian-testing machines. C is a debian-testing but not as up-to-date. However, syncthing was installed on all of them today and it’s 0.11.25.

It’s probably some incompatibilities between Windows permissions and Linux permissions. The directories on Winodws can potentially be read only, but that does not always prevent creating new files in them etc. Best bet would be to ignore permissions all together.

Just to make it clear, all three machines are debians, there’s no windows involved.

Permissions are rather important for me, for “securing my files from myself”. That particular folder contains a finished project which is meant never to be modified. However files from it are used as templates for other projects, so I open them quite frequently. Sometimes I forget to use “save as” in my editor, instead I use “save”, so in this scenario it’s very important for me that the files stay read-only.

Would you say that in this use-case syncthing can’t be fully trusted?

Well, I would check for permission differences in the directory tree, to figure out why it’s failing, as if all 3 machines are the same, and the setup is the same, then it should work, unless there is some oddity elsewhere.

As for trust, syncthing is not backup, if one node deletes the files, all others will too.

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