Strange Build Issue - cfg.Options.LocalAnnPort undefined

Not sure why I am having so many build isues, but since I updated to the latest commit, I can not build the project.  I get the following error:

cmd/syncthing/main.go:620: cfg.Options.LocalAnnPort undefined (type config.OptionsConfiguration has no field or method LocalAnnPort)

This makes no sense to me since I see that the field was added to the OptionsConfiguration type in config.go.  Has anyone run into strange compile issues like this before?

Well I figured out what it is, and what has been giving me all of my build issues. Since a lot of things are imported using the path the source file gets loaded from $GOPATH/src/ and not $GOPATH/src/ which is where my forked repo that I am working on is.

The work-around I am using now is to replace the folder at $GOPATH/src/ with a symbolic link to $GOPATH/src/ Is there a more developer friendly way we can manage the imports? Or is this just a step that needs to be added to the build setup page?

This is a commonly discussed issue in the Go community; I “hint” at it in the building page, with something like “you may think you want the code somewhere other than ~src/ but you don’t”. What you probably want to do is either the symlink you already have, or simply

cd ~/src/
rm -rf calmh
mkdir calmh
cd calmh
git clone

so you get your repo, checked out with the correct import path.